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Tasty Macarons

Tasty Macarons panting by Lana Zueva

(Studio Sale)

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Style: Still Life

Ready to hang



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This delectable composition, aptly named “Tasty Macarons,” is a feast for the eyes that captures the irresistible allure of these delightful confections. Three meticulously crafted macaroons are playfully stacked, creating a visual symphony of colors and textures against a backdrop of subtle elegance.

The bottom macaroon, adorned in a luscious shade of green, serves as the sturdy foundation, supporting the delicate layers above. The middle macaroon, a warm and inviting beige, adds a touch of sophistication to the arrangement. The crowning jewel, a rose-colored macaroon, completes the stack with a flourish, enticing the viewer with its rosy allure.

The background, in shades of greyish-rose and white, provides a harmonious setting that allows the vibrant macarons to take center stage. The use of oil on canvas enhances the richness of the colors, creating a velvety texture that invites the observer to imagine the delectable taste and aroma of these sweet treats.

As a ready-to-hang piece, “Tasty Macarons” brings a touch of culinary artistry to any space, inviting viewers to savor the visual feast. This still life painting not only celebrates the beauty of these iconic delicacies but also captures the essence of indulgence and sophistication, making it a delightful addition to any art collection.

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 1.5 cm

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