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Become a Vendor

Become a Vendor: Join the Arts.Sale Artistic Community

Are you an artist ready to amplify your reach, connect with a global audience, and earn the most profit for your creative endeavors? Becoming a vendor on Arts.Sale opens the door to a world of possibilities, empowering you to showcase and sell your artworks directly to discerning art enthusiasts.

Why Choose Arts.Sale as Your Creative Platform?

  1. Fair Profits: We believe in the value of your art. At Arts.Sale, our fee structure is designed to ensure that you, the artist, receive the most significant return for your hard work. No hidden charges, no exorbitant commissions – just a commitment to supporting your artistic journey.
  2. Global Exposure: Joining Arts.Sale means gaining access to a diverse and expansive audience. Your creations will be showcased on a platform that celebrates artistic diversity, allowing you to connect with art lovers from around the world.
  3. Community Support: Arts.Sale is more than a marketplace; it’s a community that values and supports its artists. As a vendor, you become a part of a vibrant network of creatives, gaining exposure, feedback, and the encouragement needed to thrive in the art world.
  4. Direct Artist-Customer Interaction: Forge meaningful connections with buyers as they discover and purchase your art. Arts.Sale encourages direct interaction, allowing you to share the inspiration and stories behind your creations.

How to Become a Vendor:

  1. Create Your Vendor Account: Getting started is easy. Sign up and create your vendor account to begin showcasing your artwork on Arts.Sale.
  2. Set Up Your Shop: Customize your vendor profile and set up your virtual shop. Add details about yourself, your artistic journey, and the stories behind your creations.
  3. Submit Your Portfolio: Share your artistic portfolio with us. We’re eager to see the uniqueness and creativity that defines your work. Please be sure to complete your Arts.Sale account before submitting your portfolio with us.
  4. Verification Process: As part of our commitment to maintaining a platform of artistic excellence, Arts.Sale has implemented a thorough verification process to confirm that you are a bona fide artist. This ensures the integrity and authenticity of the creative community.
  5. Approval Process: Our team will review your submission and verification to ensure it aligns with our commitment to artistic diversity and quality. Once approved, you’ll gain access to the Arts.Sale platform.
  6. Showcase and Sell: Start showcasing your art to a global audience. Engage with buyers, tell the narrative behind each piece, and watch as your creations find new homes around the world.

Arts.Sale is more than a platform; it’s an opportunity for artists to thrive. Join our community of creators, connect with art enthusiasts, and embark on a journey where your art takes center stage. Become a vendor on Arts.Sale and let your creativity shine.

The Fees you Pay:

Arts.Sale is designed to assist artists in selling their artwork and reaching a broader customer base, maximizing profits for their creations. Joining Arts.Sale is free, with no listing or membership fees to start selling your art. We only charge a flat fee of $5 as a commission when your painting is sold on Arts.Sale. This nominal fee supports the maintenance and development of our platform, helping us to promote all the artists we represent.