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Nasturtium Splendor # 1

Nasturtium Splendor 1 panting by Lana Zueva

(Studio Sale)

Medium: Oil on Board

Style: Still Life



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In “Nasturtium Splendor,” I have sought to capture the vibrant beauty and intricate details of nature through the lens of a still life composition. The canvas comes alive with a burst of colors, predominantly dominated by the rich, warm tones of the nasturtium flowers. Each petal is meticulously rendered, showcasing the delicate interplay of light and shadow.

The composition is carefully balanced, with the lush green foliage providing a dynamic contrast to the fiery hues of the blossoms. The play of light across the leaves creates a captivating dance, casting subtle highlights and creating a sense of depth within the composition.

The attention to detail extends beyond the flowers themselves, as the textured surface of the board adds a tactile quality to the painting. The use of oil as the chosen medium enhances the vibrancy of the colors, allowing for a seamless blend of tones and a luminous quality that brings the entire scene to life.

The still life arrangement invites viewers to immerse themselves in the intricacies of nature, appreciating the ephemeral beauty of the nasturtiums frozen in time. “Nasturtium Splendor” is a celebration of the fleeting moments of nature’s brilliance, immortalized on the canvas for all to admire.

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 3 cm

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