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Sunflowers oil paining by Lana Zueva

(Studio Sale)

Medium: Oil on Board

Style: Still Life



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In the radiant masterpiece titled “Sunflowers,” the canvas becomes a vibrant tapestry of nature’s brilliance. Three sunflowers take center stage, their golden petals reaching towards the sun, while the backdrop is a serene expanse of deep blue.

Each sunflower is a close-up study, meticulously capturing the intricate details of their velvety blooms. The play of light on the textured surfaces of the flowers enhances the depth and realism, creating a visual symphony of warm hues against the cool, calming blue background.

The choice of oil on board brings richness to the colors, allowing the golden tones of the sunflowers to glow with a captivating luminosity. The still-life composition invites viewers to immerse themselves in the timeless beauty of these iconic flowers, each one a testament to the fleeting yet eternal nature of life.

“Sunflowers” is not just a portrayal of nature’s bounty; it is a celebration of the sunflower’s symbolic resonance—joy, warmth, and a nod to the beauty that blooms in every moment. This still-life painting is a testament to the mastery of capturing both the ephemeral and enduring aspects of life through the strokes of the artist’s brush.

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