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Morning Tea

Title: Morning Tea, original oil painting by Lana Zueva

Medium: Oil on board

Style: Still Life

Framed, ready to hang



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“Morning Tea” invites you to the intimate ritual of sunrise, where the canvas becomes a stage for a heartwarming scene. Meet Sunny, my faithful morning tea companion—a delightful canary whose vibrant presence transforms the quiet moments of daybreak into a symphony of color and song.

As the sun delicately paints the sky in shades of gold, the little canary perches atop a tea cup, casting a joyful silhouette against the canvas. The painting is a visual ode to the enchanting moments when the world is gently stirred awake, and Sunny’s sweet serenade fills the room, harmonizing with the soft clinks of the morning tea.

The canvas is a dance of yellow hues, mirroring Sunny’s vibrant feathers, with delicate black spots capturing the essence of the tiny songbird. The portrayal is not just an image but a sensory experience, where the warmth of the golden tones and the inviting presence of Sunny bring the morning ritual to life.

“Morning Tea” captures the magic of shared moments, where the simplicity of sipping tea becomes a cherished companionship with nature. The little canary perched on the tea cup becomes a symbol of the delicate balance between the tranquility of morning rituals and the lively energy brought by the natural world.

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