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Russian Blue

Title: Russian Blue oil painting by Lana Zueva

(studio Sale)

Medium: Oil on Board

Style: Animals



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In the captivating portrait titled “Russian Blue,” the painting comes alive with the regal presence of a Russian Blue cat, a creature of elegance and grace. The feline subject, depicted in a front-half body pose, commands attention with its mesmerizing green eyes that gleam with intelligence and curiosity.

The fur, meticulously rendered with the rich texture that oil on board allows, captures the softness of the Russian Blue’s coat. The coat’s bluish-gray hue, characteristic of the breed, is subtly nuanced to convey the play of light and shadow. Around the cat’s neck, a light green collar adds a touch of contrast and complements the overall color palette.

The portrait, rendered in the Animals style, goes beyond a mere depiction of physical features, seeking to convey the distinctive personality and allure of the Russian Blue. The use of oil on board enhances the depth and richness of the colors, creating a lifelike representation that invites viewers to appreciate the inherent charm of this beloved feline companion.

“Russian Blue” is not just a portrait; it’s a celebration of the intrinsic beauty found in the animal kingdom. The still-life approach allows for a focused exploration of the cat’s captivating presence, inviting observers to connect with the quiet majesty and enigmatic allure of the Russian Blue breed.

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