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Summer Noon

Title: Summer Noon, original painting by Lana Zueva

Medium: Oil on Board

Style: Landscape



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In the serene painting titled “Summer Noon,” the canvas unfolds a tranquil moment on a rocky shore, inviting viewers to bask in the calm and relaxation of a coastal sanctuary. A tanned woman sits gracefully on the rocks, her gaze directed towards the expansive ocean bay that unfolds before her.

The rhythmic waves gently caress the shore, creating a soothing soundtrack to accompany the scene. Two yachts rest peacefully on anchor inside the bay, their masts reaching towards the open sky. The small hills framing the bay provide a picturesque backdrop, leading the eye to the vastness of the sunny noon sky.

The use of oil on board enhances the warm tones of the woman’s skin, the rocky shore, and the inviting hues of the ocean. The sunlight dances on the water’s surface, creating a serene ambiance that permeates the entire composition. The painting captures the essence of a carefree summer day, where time seems to slow down, and the world feels momentarily suspended.

“Summer Noon” is not just a landscape; it’s an invitation to pause and appreciate the simple beauty of nature. The calm mood conveyed by the woman, the yachts, and the coastal panorama transports viewers to a place of serenity, where the stresses of the world ebb away with the tide.

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